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Acoustical grid ceilings, also commonly referred to as dropped ceilings, are a great way to reduce sound transmission and aesthetically hide MEP’s and other unattractive objects. Acoustical ceiling tiles (ACT) are offered in numerous colors, sizes, styles, profiles and finishes with the most basic and economical being white 2’x2’ or 2’x4’ non-directional, square lay-in, mineral fiber panels. Reveal, tegular or beveled panels are more aesthetically pleasing, but they are more expensive and cost more to install due to the labor required to cut each panel. Selection for panels is based on various factors and applications. Performance (Flame spread, abuse resistance, mold and mildew resistance), recycled content, light reflectivity, sound absorption, and sound attenuation are characteristics that influence which panel to choose. Washable and vinyl lay in panels are available and commonly used in cafeterias, kitchens, and restrooms for easy cleaning. ACT is more commonly used in commercial applications due to the fact that they are easy to remove and replace to repair overhead utilities, provide great sound reduction, and offer a wide array of aesthetic options.
- Drywall Grid Ceilings are used more in residential applications. They provide great fire resistance (Type X and Type C drywall) and are more durable than ACT, but they do not allow easy access to MEP’s and utilities above. Drywall is more readily available and does not have the long lead times like some ACT. Whether your project requires ACT or drywall, rest assure that Optimus Builders will leave you satisfied with your decision.
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